Amazon export displays test mode message regardless of IAP setting

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  • I've run into an error on Amazon export. I have an IAP object for handling purchases. However, despite the IAP object's setting having TEST MODE turned OFF, Amazon Appstore exports display the message 'Running in test mode. Be sure to set Test mode to No before publishing.'

    Construct 2 r279 x64, Windows 10 Pro

    Steps to reproduce the problem:

    Make a Construct 2 project with the IAP object. Set Test Mode to NO.

    Export the game as a packaged Amazon Appstore application

    Upload the game to the Amazon Appstore or to the Amazon Web App Tester.

    Message displays.

    What was expected: The app functions normally with all IAP functions working correctly

    What happened: The app displayed a Test Mode set to YES message, indicating the IAP object's test mode setting was set to yes (even though it was not)

    Capx + Packaged Amazon App:

    drive . google . com /drive/folders/1tebVT1B8GWMdd8IZc3uV5R0rPucDMDLo?usp=sharing

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  • Amazon iap never worked to begin with, and the export is almost certainly out of date.

    Not to mention that there will be no C2 updates, or third party bug fixes ever again.


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