How do I work on multiple computers. Google Drive/DropBox

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  • Hello All,

    I have just started playing around with C2 and I would like to how people access projects from multiple computers.

    In the past when working with other game development tools I have used Git to access my projects from multiple computer. But with C2 I decided to store the project in Google Drive as a simpler solution. Initially this was working well but after switching from working on my desktop to laptop a number of times I noticed that the Google Drive Desktop application was not syncing correctly.

    I have done the normal Google searching but found no useful results. Also searching on the for this subject forms is difficult was lots of post contain either Google Drive or DropBox links from the sharing of examples.

    Does anyone have experience using Google Drive or DropBox in this way or are people storing their work to a hosted Git repository?

    Thanks in advanced


  • Google Drive works for me perfectly, I reskin alot of my original made games, so I have many games. Sometimes, Google Drive may crash out, so make sure the Google Drive icon is show on your start taskbar, if not, then that means Google Drive program isn't running and not syncing until you run the actual program again.

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  • I've been using SVN. We tried Git but it was incredibly slow and we had a lot of problems. SVN is super fast and it just requires a single click to sync

    They have a tutorial here: ... s-with-svn

    And you can get a free subversion server here:

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