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  • Hello

    I'm an avid Heroclix player and I'm curious to know if what I'd like to accomplish can be done using Construct 2.

    There is currently a little program called Open Heroclix Project and while it's a neat little game it's lacking any real visuals. Here is a screen shot of what the game looks like. What I'm wondering (this is coming from someone with ZERO programming knowledge) if this would be possible using Construct 2. I like the layout and feel of this game, but I would like to replace the very graphically challenged little circles used to represent the character pieces with a more 2d/2.5d image of the actual Clix piece.

    I understand I may not get the same look or feel and I have no problem making my own maps, UI, etc....but I was just wondering if it would be a possibility (or am I looking at another program to make what I'm looking for?)

    Thank you for your time and input!

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  • The formula for this is:

    2d: yes

    3d: nope

  • Thank you

    So, I could create what's seen in the image I provided, but I could replace the little circle icons with a 2d flat side image of each clix character. Would it be possible to attach a base to the 2d image?

    Like this?

  • Is that 2d?

  • I really hope so or I'm more of a noobie than I though

  • If your idea is 2D, there will be a way to do it in C2, even if you don't know where to begin! Just break the problem into smaller chunks and tackle them one at a time

  • With C2 you can basically build EVERY board game.

    You can even build it so it looks like 3D (but isn't).

    There are nice plugins available especially for board games


    Or you could look into the isometric look (3D feeling)

    This makes it harder to make your game, but I think the look is worth it.

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