How do I use my wired Xbox360 controller?

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  • Hello forum people! I've read the manual entry on the gamepad, and still can't figure this out.

    I just got my Rock Candy Xbox 360 hooked up to my PC. The device is connected with the player 1 light on. However, in Scirra I'm having trouble getting it to recognize any inputs from the controller. I've tried using "Gamepad 0", "Gamepad 1", etc. Also tried with firefox and chrome. Anybody know more?

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  • That's weird. My official wired 360 controlled was 'plug and play' with C2. It was cake to set up. It should default to Gamepad 0.

    You are remembering to set your sprite to platform or 8-direction behavior, then setting up events that 'Simulate Control' for the corespondent buttons on the controller?

  • Yep, got it set up perfectly in the events, but in the browser, nothing happens. The controller works fine with games. I think it might be a browser issue. I wish there was a way to test the gamepad in-program (mapping with the buttons, like the keyboard).


    Okay, a little bit of news here: My analog sticks are working, but NONE of the buttons are working at all. Anybody have this problem before? I'm getting so close to figuring this all out. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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