Why does the tilemap always remain selected

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  • Hello.

    I am new to Construct and I am progressin quite fast. Picked it up like 2 days ago with zero programming knowledge but I am quite a fast learner and I do work well with computers and interfaces.

    I am making a platformer Mario-like and I made a tilemap to create the platforms, floor, obstacles, etc but I found a problem.

    Once I have a tilemap set into my project, it always remain on the top of the workspace and no matter what object I try to click, or anything I click within the workspace it always select the tilemap. Only chance to be able to keep working is to either delete it or move it away from the actual game screen region.

    Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

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  • Tha'ts most likely because the tilemap is on top of the layer, i.e. in front of all the other objects, and since it automatically spans the entire layout, you can't get around it. To put it on the bottom, right click on it and go to Z Order > Send to bottom of layer. Now you should be able to select other objects.

    Another alternative and perhaps the easier solution is to make a separate layer for it, then sort the layer under the old one and lock it. This way you don't have to worry about accidentally selecting the tilemap unless you unlock it. The layers tab should be available next to your projects tab on the side by default (IIRC). If you can't see it, go to View and make sure the Layers Bar check box is checked.

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