Why does a sprite need to be Solid for Bullets?

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  • So yeah, I was just wondering, why does a Bullet behavior ignore a sprite's collision data if it's not associated with a Solid behavior? Is there a specific instance where you would need collision data for something else than physics/movement-based stuff?

    The extra clicks for adding the Solid behavior feel redundant to me if there's already collision data so I'm curious.

  • Bullet doesn't ignore collision when the object is not solid..

    It can only bounce of solids, so on collision with any other object there is no bounce..

    instead of the extra click to add solids, you would have to add events to every object to create the correct behaviour..

    there is no need for solid behaviour in:

    Bullet on collision with object - object destroy

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  • I guess in my mind Bullet added physic properties by default. So basically collision data is first for detection, THEN for physics if the Solid behavior is added.

    Thanks, that cleared it up

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