Why is my second Goto layout not working?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I have searched the forum and read the manual to find out what I am getting wrong. But without getting any wiser.

    I have a main menu with a start button that uses Goto layout "Level-01" and that works fine.

    But in Level-01 I have a pause menu setup. It uses a function to set timescale to 0. In this menu I have a QuitToMainMenu button. But when I use goto layout "StartMenu" nothing happens. I have no idea what causes it to not respond. Is it the timescale set to 0?

    Have tried to put the code different places to see if it changed anything. Really lost.

    Here is a screenshot of my Event sheet.


    Any hints really appreciated.


  • Do the separate layouts each have their own event sheet?

    Make sure the event sheets are linked (aka included), do this by right clicking the event sheet and choosing (if I remember right) "include" and select other sheet(s) it references.

    If that is not the case, your question is easily bug tested by simply removing the timescale and seeing if it functions correctly.

    I also believe that timescale only affects things that are using delta time so it "shouldn't be" affecting a menu swap.

    Also, once the action to change layouts is reached anything past it in the same event is moot unless the layouts are set as global layouts.

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  • Yes they had their own event sheets. And I did what you suggested and it works now. Thanks! Can see I need to re-arrange and spread out my game controls etc to different Event sheets.


  • Well planned event sheets and using groups (so you can minimize/maximize as needed) make working in Construct2 so much easier.

  • wow Thanx, I was stuck for 3 days trying to get buttons to work on a credits page.

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