Why is screen showing vertical lines over layout?

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  • Hi,

    I'm using the demo version of Construct 2, latest version. I plan to upgrade at christmas, but something has been bugging me for last couple months. I assumed it would go away once I upgraded, now I'm now so sure. The layout has gray vertical lines covering everything, they are there always and on each new project I create. Is there a way to get rid of them? Do they go away once you upgrade? I've been dealing with it but really its starting to be eyesore. The lines are not there when previewing the game.

    Screenshot attached,




  • Have you tried with Show Grid off?

    edit: At first I thought this was going to be something I've experienced lately, where C2 seems to glitch out with vertical lines all over the layout, and many error message boxes that appear and disappear. I either have to kill the app or hold down Esc until the (unreadable) errors go away and I can shut down. This is on latest stable....

  • Hi codah,

    Show Grid off does take the grid away... but these lines persist, they aren't part of the grid.

    Not having any error messages whatsoever, this has been the look of the application since I first downloaded it.

    Another pic, with grid off:




  • Yea, it didn't look like the grid, I just thought I'd ask. I get similar stuff but quite rarely, and it seems to me like it's C2 running out of resources.

  • Have you tried updating your graphics drivers?

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  • Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I checked and there was an update for my graphics drivers, I updated but no change. Seems strange that it only affects the Main area. I've also tried a different monitor, it made no difference.

    Really enjoying this software so will probably buy it, but wish it wasn't so tough on the eyes!



  • Is it possible to see your CAPX. I see if I can help you

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