Why isn't my game updating on Kongregate?

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  • I couldn't find help anywhere else so I'm asking here. I added some new features to my game and tried updating it on kongregate (was already uploading there before i added the new features) and the files are there but nothing changed. It's still the same as the earlier version.


  • Possibly cache?

    CTRL+F5 || Clear browser cache

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    if you don't know how to upload to Kongregate.

    Be sure that when it finishes loading, press "Publish" at the top of the screen.

    And also make sure you have the NEW files.

    Oh, and when you try to upload, are you clicking "Upload new version" at the bottom of the game screen?

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  • my game did the same thing, its not the browser cache, but their system(kongregate's). since they have a huge amount of developers uploading all kind of sorts of games daily the servers may skip your update content submission! it toked 1 week for my pool test game to adjust! not sure why, dident asked them... but it wasn't my firefox cache. or internet explorer, or anything else, however after each submission i did, there is a note saying that the new files will take around 48 hrs to update, that is like a + - another 48 hrs! so u should wait! or contact their support if your in a hurry!

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