What's a capx?

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  • What is a capx? And how to use it?

  • You should really take the time to read the manual.


    [quote:c4ahl8sw]Single-file projects (.capx files)

    Projects saved to a single file are often more convenient for small projects. There is only one file to send, upload or share. However, they save and load more slowly due to Construct 2 having to pack and unpack the project from one file. They also make collaboration more difficult than if the project is saved as a folder.

    .capx files are simply a ZIP of a project folder. You can rename a .capx file to .zip and see the project files.

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  • I replied in your other topic concerning this question and I said the same as zenox98 - and offered 2 links to tutorials you should work through.

    > What is a capx? and how to use this Score.capx from Lordshiva1948?


    SadisticDentist Seriously?

    Okay, I suggest before you do anything... read the manual

    Do the example games, don't just look at it or copy and paste. I want you to recreate it line by line.

    tutorial one

    tutorial two

    All new folks say, but that isn't what I want to build. Understand that they cover the basics, and the basics is what you use to create any game. for example in the first one shows you how to use text and global variables i.e score

    The example from lordshiva1948 requires latest stable release and a external plugin - so it isn't going to help you. Do the tuts I linked to, they have all the basics, and the answer to your question(s).

    Roll up your sleeves and learn the tool (construct2) it is a fantastic program that rewards those who spend time learning how to use it.


    Great minds...etc..etc


    Great minds...etc..etc

    zenox98 True, and I still love your signature - wish more would read/understand/and apply it to there current level/position of knowledge.

    Start simple, Start Small and build on each experience.

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