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  • Hi,

    I have a problem with my construct 2 game connecting to my Web Socket server.

    The server is listening on (my lan PC IP) on port 80, using IIS7. My listener URL is "". The Client url is "ws://" (blank protocol)

    It works perfectly from within the C2 previewer and successfully connects, i.e. the application is loaded into Chrome via the localhost:50000 connection.

    When I export it to my public dropbox folder and run it (from my PC) using the Dropbox public url in Chrome, it does not connect and shows the error: "Unable to create WebSocket with the given address and protocol".

    Fiddler2 shows nothing.

    Is cross domain an issue here? I researched that WebSockets do not apply here.

    Please help! What am I doing wrong?



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  • I confirmed by that is must be a cross domain issue. I had to installed the exported files into IIS7 using the same "domain", then it connected just fine.

    Not a big deal for now, but I intend to deploy these games in a CDN network and cross domain will become an issue. I will be researching this more....


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