Volume depending on impact force (physics)

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  • I'm working on physical puzzle, so how do I make impact volume depend on the impact force?

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  • The impulse of a collision is basically the change of velocity from before and after a collision. Using that info you can calculate it. Then you can use lerp or something to map the impulse to a volume.

    Here's one possible conversion:

    lerp(-1000, 0, min(impulse/1000, 1))

    which means when the impulse is 0 the volume will be -1000 dB, and when the impulse is 1000 or higher the volume will be 0 dB. Impulses in between will be between the two volumes. Tweak the numbers for different results.

    global number prevVelocityX=0

    global number prevVelocityY=0

    global number impulse=0

    on sprite collides with wall

    --- set impulse to distance(0,0, sprite.physics.velocityX-prevVelocityX, sprite.physics.velocityY-prevVelocityY)

    --- play sound at volume lerp(-1000, 0, min(impulse/1000, 1))

    every tick

    --- set prevVelocityX to sprite.physics.velocityX

    --- set prevVelocityY to sprite.physics.velocityY

  • Oh, thank you, should've think about the impulse before. Not only velocity before impact was important, that's why it was working incorrect.

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