viable to make big zeldalike adventure w C2?[Convinced!]

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  • Is C2 a good choice to make a sprawling complex adventure game like the 2d Legend of Zelda games?

    A game that will potentially have hundreds of layouts (but relatively few objects/assets, reused/recycled), hundreds of variables? I noticed i the manual that over time, games can get slower due to js garbage-collection.

  • I'm not sure if I can say I'm working on proper "big adventure like Zelda", But I have a map, 900 cells (64x64 tilemap) + ~80 minimaps (each is different visually and in size, some even have many floors) + many npcs with dialogues and quests, fights etc, etc... And it's all working perfectly fine on my Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile

    and btw, I don't use hundreds of layouts, all maps I have uses only 1 layout and two tilemap images.

    so, yeah. It is possible.

  • I think it's perfectly doable. I'll go ahead and link to the thread for my game Courier. I don't have hundreds of layouts, but I do have a lot, and they're all quite detailed. I have a ton of unique different objects, though I reuse assets as much as possible (note, though, the game is NOT built up of tiles--I wanted more freedom). Land-wise, my game is larger than Ocarina of Time (excluding the dungeons--just everything outside of them). I haven't had any trouble with stuff getting slower because, as far as I know, js will eventually cleanup and drop out unused assets. I've tried to be pretty efficient, however, so my vram use is never very high. The downside to piecing things together like I do is an increase in object count, but I can get a ton more freedom while minimizing the amount of assets I need to create. I rely on some fancier graphics tricks, however, so I don't think a phone version is possible right now (and I'm not interest in mobile anyways), but it's been smooth sailing on PC.

    Not as a bragging point, but for comparison: I have more unique NPCs than OoT and LttP combined if I'm not mistaken, my overworld and surrounding areas are bigger than either game's overworld and surrounding areas, every character is animated, grass sways, trees sway, the ocean has waves, etc--it's all very detailed. I have a pretty detailed shadowing system in place. I have maps in excess of 10,000 pixels across. And C2 has run it just fine.

    So long as you're careful and put thought into how you design the game, it's perfectly doable.

  • C-7, wow, that's an wonderful game

    (and a fun concept)

    ! The gameplay is reminiscent of the best kind that made the genre so popular.

    My game (if I do succeed in nailing one together) will definitely be orders of magnitude less complex, so thanks, I'm now pretty convinced I can go forward with my idea.

    <defend class="tLoZ">However, I think your comparison is not really fair: OoT and LttP were released resp. half-decades and decades ago; if Nintendo were to publish them now, they would definitely appear less dated & less constrained in terms of quality and content ...

    And I'm sure you'll agree they [generally] beat contemporary games

    (and even many popular games today)

    in their intro screen, er, sleep. </defend>

    shinkan, thanks for your post. So you have laid out the complete game world in a single layout? Or in fact different layouts for different areas, as this bit seems to imply?

    all maps I have uses only 1 layout and two tilemap images.

    I'm leaning towards the latter method, as I feel that would be... cleaner, for lack of a better word.

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  • WasFlying My game is divided into a main map and minimaps. Main map is laid down in C2 editor on layout "Game" but all mini maps are in form of *.json files.

    I've made myself a map editor, which was used to create every single mini map - visual and logic (npc, items, quests etc).

    On my "Game" event sheet I have a simple condition

    Current map = "mainmap - > run layout

    else -> load and set wanted mini map (through ajax and many arrays and dictionaries)

    I decided on that kind of method just because it makes C2 project cleaner and it was easier for us. While my team member was creating all the maps I was able to work on other game mechanics.

    And then if I wanted to preview any of the WIP minimap I could just run it by coping a *.json file into the project and setting a variable to minimap name - without doing any of extreme layout merging outside of C2.

  • that's a great practice.

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