How do I use a variable for certain behaviors

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  • Ohai

    so the concept is missles are spawning from the top and moving down, i wanna make it so when the player picks up a speed boost object, the missles' bullet.speed increases. i got it all setup and working except for when new missles spawn their speed is back to normal instead of staying the boosted value, only the ones currently on screen seem to be affected

    hope i'm making sense here, thanks in advance

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  • The reason is most likely from what I understand that those new missiles didn't exists when the player picked up the speed boost. So depending on how your speed boost is made. You have to add a check to the event where you spawn missiles and see if a speed boost is currently in effect and if that's the case you modify the speed accordingly in the create event.

  • ooh yea makes sense didn't think about that. managed to get it working now, thanks

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