Using a tileset to create the in game map

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  • So I have been reading about the tile-map object in construct 2 and am aware that I can use a tileset. But now im seeing posts about people using programs other than construct2 to create the map first, then importing it into construct2.. So i guess im just a bit confused about this all. I am creating an rpg, and having a bit of options and functionality for building my game world is important.

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  • Hey Nicotine , generally the widely used "other program" people use for tilesets is a program called Tiled. It's a great free program that you can import a tileset and draw out your tile maps then export them to a file that can be imported in Construct 2 to fill a tilemap.

    My problem with using Tiled for Construct 2 is that we can only import one of the layers from the Tiled program export at a time.

    I usually just use the in game tile map editor in Construct 2 because it's much faster to look at what you just made in game and you will probably end up having to do multiple tilemaps on top of each other to get what you want anyways.

    There are some great tutorials on the tile map editor in the tutorials section and some good Tilemap source code files on the store to learn from.

    Anyways, have fun with Construct 2!

  • That may be a little off topic, but the thing I don't like about the tilemap object in C2 is the fact that you can't select and move tiles.

    You have to erase them and draw them again.

    For one of my project I drew my maps with a drawing software (photoshop, paint…) where each pixel represented a tile.

    In my C2 project, I loaded the small png of my map into a sprite, which I pasted into the Canvas plugin. Then I iterated over all the image pixels like this :

    if current pixel color is ###### then create this tile at the current coordinates.

    It made my level modifications easier than beeing stuck to the tilemap drawing directly into Construct 2.

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