Is User Media is supported by Mobile ?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am new here, and wanted to know that is user media is supported by mobile ?

    Let's say i want to make any Video recorder or Audio recorder for android 4.0.1.

    Is it possible? If possible then would you please help me to create like above one by any tips or workable example.

    Sorry for my English.

    Thank you.

  • I think I've managed to have the plugin working (webcam part) on Chrome and FireFox for Android.

    To use it, check out the manual article as well as the examples provided with C2 on the startup page (Browse examples) like "Audio analyser" or "Webcam".

  • Thanks Kyatric. My friend has a pro version & i run those example in browser it is working.... but whenever i try to export as phone gap project & compiled as a android format ( .apk ) my phone can open it but always tell me that "this feature is not supported by this device, try to use chrome of Firefox browser. Can you help then.

    Thank you.

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  • Camera is not working with default user media, but i heard that microphone is working, try search the forum to find how. Oh, and search the forum for camera plugin for crosswalk. I saw camera plugin for cocoonjs too, but it's ugly and not stable.

  • Microphone works without any problem with crosswalk. Just export "Microphone input.capx" from examples folder.

  • Sorry for flood and my english.

    I compiled the example with crosswalk and exported to apk with XDK intel.

    I have given permissions "Uses media" in export and media plugin in XDK, but when running the application does not detect the microphone device (mobile) and show "Advanced audio or mic inout not supported! try Google Chrome"

    Someone could make it work?

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