Understanding effect physics parameter on objects

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  • hello,

    One parameter for physics is "stepping iterations".

    I included this for one object at the "at start of layout" event.

    Q1: Later on in the game, another instance of the object will be created. Do I need to include this action again at the creation of future instances? (in the same layout)

    Q2: Do I need to need specify the stepping iteration for other physics objects as well? (or will it be set to the whole project/layout?)

  • from the manual:

    Physics actions: Global settings

    These actions affect Physics behaviors in general, not just the one it was set for.

    Set stepping iterations

    Set the number of velocity iterations and position iterations used in the physics engine. The default is 8 and 3 respectively. Lower values run faster but are less accurate, and higher values can reduce performance but provide a more realistic simulation.

    so if you set it on start of layout for 1 object it is set for all objects and will not be changed untill you set it again..

  • Thanks.

    I always check the manual first, but I have missed that underlined line. :'(

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  • stepping iteration can also be called or interpret for normal people as me, as how fast the sprite should go each frame, or how many frames to skip! if you set it to 0 then 100% of frames movement will be skipped even if you see the drawing the collision detection will just not coexist anymore, if you set it to 10 or 100 then youl get on each tick a check for collision and position that's why ur performance will drop a bit! and also LittleStain covered almost all!

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