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  • Hy guys, i'm a begginer in Construct 2, and I really need one little help

    I'm doing a game with simple tank, and a objective is to destroy a building.

    I made point n click movement for tank, fireing bullets, turret is pined to tank, turret have rottate up and down, when bullet touch building bullet is destroyed, and make a some force to building etc...

    But I have little problem, in turret rotation How can I make that left side of turret have fix position to tank, and when I press up or down - only right side of turret have rotate?

    In picture you can see my problem

    I'm using free edition of C2.


  • Pin to "PostoljeTopa" position only ?

  • This condition is already set to game. "PostoljeTopa" is a tank base, "Top" is turret of tank.

    Now when I press up or down - turret rotates arround his center, but I want that turret rotates arround left side of turret.

    Here is another picture of this problem

    Here is example when I shoot "down".

    First picture is like I want to be, left side of turret pin to tank base, so when I rottate turret, it rotates arround left side of turret, and pined to tank base.

    Second picture is what is problem now.

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  • set origin point... (For "Top")

  • I will try with this, tnx!

  • It works, tnx !!

    Does anyone knows how to add a compare value that compares something like "is the mouse cursor in front of turret"?

    With this I will avoid that turret can not fire behind himself , just in front of his angle.

    Like: mouse.X >= turret toward angle.

    I was look at every example and look in manual, but can't figured out.

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