Trouble understanding how to save a project.

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  • I am having trouble understanding the difference between saving a "single page" vs. saving a "project". I want my layouts and events to be neatly saved and connected to each other.

    Sometimes I have multiple layouts and events from different projects and it gets confusing really fast. I don't know which ones to keep and which to throw away. Also the event and layout sheets close too easily when I accidentally click on the x. Closing a sheet cannot be undone.

  • CLose the previous project , look on the right hand side where it says projects. Close the project your not using and the events sheets and layout sheets of that project will disappear.

  • How do I link the layouts and events that I DO want? It appears that I have 3 versions in the "projects bar" to the right.

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  • If I understand you correctly your problem is understanding the difference between saving as a .proj or as a .capx. Project or as a single executable file.

    Saving as a project keep your folder tree open and reduced load time with huge builds.

    Saving as a single .capx makes your project compressed into an executable file that neatly contains all your assets for you. The only problem with single file is HUGE projects tend to take longer to load than project (.proj) ones.

    I would recommend using the single .capx method. I save to the same .capx (keeping a backup or two periodically saved to dropbox via internal option) whenever I make a major change I save as a new .capx version number... mygame.capx - mygame-1.capx - etc. Makes keeping them organized in a versions folder much easier and I can go back to an older version if I learn my new change just isn't fun or working as I wanted.

    Construct2 will open multiple pojects/capx into the same editor session.. this is handy when you want to copy out code blocks from other projects/capx. They are added to the editor tree in the order you opened them so you simply need to find the start of each and close them from the tree view (right click option I think).

  • What is actually being saved when you have multiple capx open? If I have one current version and two older versions open and I click "save", which one is being saved?

  • The one being saved is the one your working on but if you follow what I said on top you can reduce the projects by closing them.

  • Save as project saves the entire project uncompressed with its entire hierarchy folder

    Save as a single file saves the project under the .capx format which is basically a compressed .zip

    if you change the name of the capx to zip and then extract it you will get same thing as extracting a .capx file or by saving a Save as Project option.

  • Thank you everyone. It makes much more sense now.

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