How do I make a transparent background with a player?

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  • I know that in the sprite editor you can go around the character and make the background of the sprite transparent, but is there an easier or better way of doing this? I have trouble trying to make the background transparent because they don't have a magic wand tool which would basically just select the background and make it transparent. I know I can do this Photoshop, but for some reason when it comes to inserting said character, I still get a white background, and not a transparent one. Is there an easier way to do this?

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  • Ok so I was able to figure out how to make a transparent background in the sprite editor but now I'm a little more confused. When I use the fill tool around the background of the character it gets rid of most of the background but there's a small layer of background that isn't transparent. What do I do?

  • Hello there o/

    I've been using construct2 for a few years now and I NEVER used the sprite editor lol.

    Just like you said, go to photoshop or any other tool you are comfortable with and use that, the sprite editor of the construct2 is just for small last minute changes or details.

    What you might wanna try is save the sprite with transparent backgrounds in different formats and see if it works. I usually save my sprites as .PNG and the background keeps transparent when I import it to the construct2.

    So yeah... stop using the sprite editor in game, and try to figure out what's wrong with your files instead o/

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