Tower defence game, Tower spawn problem...

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  • Im working on a Tower Defence prototype, and i have a sistem where you click on the empty field, select the name of the tower you want to create, and than your tower should sucessfully spawn.

    but when i add more places where you can build your towers.

    this happends:

    After a lot of try and error i created this line of events for this to happend.

    But aint worked.

    This zone its giving me a headache:

    I want that the spawn of the tower and the "plate" (decorative metal stuff) only happend on one unique tower (preferably the one im actually clicking) I really beg you to help me with this.

    i tried a lot of things but aint worked... D:

    By the way if any of you speaks spanish, let me know, i would love to meet someone that speaks spanish and actually knows about construct.

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  • You aren't referencing the "place" object to be used in event 9 and 10..

    So all "place" objects will respond to the action.

    So what you'll have to do is tell the computer which "place"-object you want the actions to apply to..

    There are many ways to do this, some easier than others and which one you'll want to use depends on personal preference..

    One way would be to use a "Dialbutton" is overlapping "place" condition in your events..

    This is probably the easiest at this stage, but is by far not the best way if you'd like to prevent troubles in the future..

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