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  • I attempting to make my first game which has multiple layouts. The layouts are fairly similar so in order to create the new layout I right clicked on the 1st layout (called main) in the layouts section of the projects area and selected the duplicate layout option. It created a 2nd layout in the layouts section. When I double click the new duplicated layout to create the new layout tab in the View Tabs section, I get an error message which states that Construct 2 creator has encountered a problem and needs to be closed. Construct 2 then closes.

    I watched a few video's and this appears to be the method which the people used to create duplicated layouts. I also checked the manual but there does not appear to be any instructions on how to duplicate a layout.

    Can anyone please tell me how the duplicate button works and how to correctly get the new layout sheet to appear in the view tab section?

    Thank you

  • It's work fine with me.

    Try to reinstall your C2 or use the new Release if you have an old one.

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  • Something is conflicting with your C2 file. Uninstall C2 and then turn your pc off. wait 1 minute and switch it on. Now reinstall it it should work fine

  • Make sure to update your graphics card driver.

  • Thanks everyone. I did reinstall C2, but I didn't try updating my graphics card driver. I will give it a try. Thanks again for everyone's suggestions.

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