Are Tilemaps' images individual in exporting?

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  • I mean, when I have tilemaps with exactly same images, like:

    tilemap object 'roomA' uses image1.png,

    'roomB' also uses image1.png,

    'roomC' also uses image1.png, and so on...,

    does it make me have several same image data (or files) when exported? Or is our C2 smart enough to avoid such a situation...?

    (Wondering this using Tiled, as importing .tmx makes each tilemap has seperated images, while in Tiled all maps reference 1 image source file.

    I'm drawing every maps in Tiled firstly as it is much more convenient to design and draw maps, but when I import those .tmxs, the situation becomes above; I have many tilemap objects with same images, but all seperated.)

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  • Yes, Construct2 detects when it's the same image and should only include it once. Or at least it's that way with every other spite, sprite font, etc. and since that's the point of tilemaps, I'm sure Scirra used the same system.

  • Right... Tilemaps are for THAT! Seems I was worrying too much with a matter of course...... Thanks for reminding!!

  • Wow, I didn't know Construct 2 did that, but I'm glad that it does. That's pretty dang convenient.

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