Tilemaps: how do i handle bg transparent tiles

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  • G'morning yall!

    So, basically i was testing tilemaps with Kenney's assets and cant seem to make work a simple thing: how to draw a tile on top of each other? For example, i drew a map with grass and then wanted to draw a tree (4 tiles for example) with transparent bg. How to achieve this? Do i need to tilemaps/layers on top of each other?


    And i also have a problem: somehow i messed my tilemaps configuration. When i select a full square (5x5 tiles) and draw it on the layout, the result is messy. It has basically double amount of horizontal tiles, by halfing its width.

    I tried to make an example (im at work and dont have construct here):

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2hBL ... 0U2VVZFUXM

    Imagine i selected the red tiles, 5x5. When i draw it on layout, the result expected was 5x5 reds, but what i get is the second image.

    I've tried checking tile size on left panel, width of objets, layout, window, imported base image 3 times already. No success.


  • bump :S

  • I would like to help you, but i am a bit confused, but I am giving it ago.

    So you wanted to have grass then a tree behind that grass, I am guessing.

    The way you can get this done is my layers, have two different layers which both have tile maps on them, I would copy and past the same size and position of both so they are the same, then when making your tree look behind the grass, draw the tree on the lower layer, then continue drawing the game on the higher layer.

    If you still are confused I can make a video explains it better.

    Good Luck!!!

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  • Thanks Ben, i figured out this way as i stated... i just wanted to know if this is the right way

    About the configuration, still needing help :/

  • Can you provide a capx for your tilemap problem?

    Did you read the manual entry for tilemap objects?

    You can put multiple tilemaps on the same layer but you have to manage each tilemap Z order.

    Or the multiple layer method, both are good, the multiple layer method must be easier to manage.

    On the picture you provide, the Tile width looks too small.

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