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  • Hi!

    I'm using Tiled Backgrounds on my upcoming game.

    They look good when WebGL is turned off -- but completely deformed when it's on.

    It only happens with the tiled backgrounds (sprites look good no matter if WebGL is turned on or off).

    WebGL off (NW.js):

    WebGL on (NW.js):

    When I test the game on Google Chrome it looks good even with WebGL turned on. However I need to make it run properly on NW.js (it will be an .EXE desktop app).

    Is there anything I can do to make the tiled backgrounds look good when using WebGL + NW.js??

    I want to turn WebGL on to make it run faster/better. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi could you post a capx with the error on and I'll check it out for you.

  • Also try setting 'Point' sampling in Project Properties

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  • Hi could you post a capx with the error on and I'll check it out for you.

    Wow, thank you so much for offering your help!

    I'm attaching a smaller CAPX where the same error happens: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a53df6cn0rnlj ... .capx?dl=0

    Apparently it happens because I'm applying a 2x zoom to the layer - and somehow tiledbackgrounds gets deformed when zoom is active.

    I'll appreciate if someone finds a way to fix this *without turning zoom off* -- because I want to make the main game running in a low-res layer while messages and a few other things would run into a hi-res layer.

    Thanks again and sorry for my bad English!


    I've tested my game on my father's PC... And it's running perfectly with WebGL on.

    My video card is an Nvidia (GTX 450) and his is an AMD (Radeon HD 6450).

    I still don't understand what's going on.

    WebGL on (AMD):

  • Macbee There doesn't seem to be any problem when I preview it, I'm using a surface pro 2, have you tried updating your video card drivers. Maybe send a screenshot of the error you're getting with the capx you've provided so I can see your problem

  • Macbee also these are the settings I have in all my games, could you try these and see if this helps

  • The problem is WebGL 1 cannot tile non-power-of-two textures, so C2 stretches them to a power-of-two size (e.g. 32x32, 64x64, 128x128 etc) before making a tiling texture. This is lossy and causes a slightly distorted texture sometimes. However WebGL 2 can tile any size texture, so it doesn't happen if the system supports WebGL 2. NW.js should support WebGL 2, providing you're up-to-date and not sticking to an old version.

    Probably the best workaround is to make sure all your tiled backgrounds are a power-of-two size.

  • Thank you so much Ashley! It's perfect now!

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