How do I get a tiled background working

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  • Hi,

    I'm working through the New Boston Platformer tutorial and using the following tiled background from Open Game Art, since I'm trying out the free version of Construct 2.

    New Boston Platformer tutorialThe problem is according to the tutorial I need to set my position for the background to 0,0 and the size to the layout size, which is 4000,2048. I've done that, but the tiled background isn't filling the layout like in the video.

    Here is how mine is displaying. How can I get the background to display properly?

  • I think a problem with constructor 2 version. What version?

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  • Yes I am using Construct 2 r195. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

  • Post your .capx - makes it much easier for helpers to see, and hopefully fix, whatever problem you have.

  • Coolbreeze have look at this demo and work it out

  • I've attached my .capx file. Please have a look.

    Lordshiva1948, I want to find out if it's just something I'm doing wrong as I prefer to use a stable version, but will install the beta and try your file in a VM.

  • here try this

  • Everytime I try to open the files, I get a message about them being saved with version r196.2 and me having r195 and needing to upgrade to a newer version before I can open them.

    Would you happen to have r195 still around? I really would like to stick to the stable version if possible and get this working.

  • Coolbreeze sorry mate I don't have it but, just download 196.2 you be fine.

  • Thanks Lordshiva, I'm seeing now after I upgraded and tried your demo background, that it's not a problem with the background I was using per se, but that you can't just import any background and expect it to display properly when tiled. You may have to adjust your layout and/or image size as well.

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