How do I make a tiled background

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  • Is there an example of long side (or top) scrolling background game? I have looked at several shooters and they all just use random items scrolling down screen. I am long time NOOB game maker, from the old SEUCK on C-64 and Amiga to some game-maker stuff. I am more a sprite manipulator and pixel art (when i say that I say it very losely, i am sub-pare but enjoy doing it),then programmer, so can lay out some ok backgrounds . I want to work on something like Twin Cobra, Flying SHark (old arcade games) so i need some examples of a huge long scrolling background, not just a static one that random stuff scrolls into.

    my first question here so forgive me if its obvious i have not seen it.

  • C2 comes with an example game called Infinite Runner and it demonstrates how to do that.

    A quick search found this tutorial:

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    I hope it helps.

  • thanks, its was very informative, but not quite what i was looking for.. all the games have such generic backgrounds, repeating images.. I am looking at building my background with tiles, not a repeated tile. But this was a gerat watch anyways, thanks again.

  • Sorry it wasn't what you wanted.

    Maybe if the edges of the tiles match to create a seamless edge but the centers all vary significantly, you could set up a variable and create 5 to 10 variations, then randomly select one for each "reset" of the tiled background.

    With that many variations, chosen at random, you may get closer to what you are thinking and there would still be a seamless view for the player. Apart from that, I am out of ideas.

    I hope you getting it going how you want!

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  • Are you trying to generate your background on the fly or design the level manually? Nothing wrong with using a really long/large tilemap and scrolling it with a bullet behaviour. Just don't try it worth a large sprite or you will probably have memory issues.

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