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  • Hi, i'm new to Construct 2 and would like to make an endless runner..I'm not sure if they way i want to make it is just making things complicated for myself so if this is just that please give advice if there is a better way....

    I thought of having one scene with different platforms, with different obstacles and enemies coming in to view randomly as the player runs/jumps. But this just had me asking, how would the obstacles and enemies line up with the platforms? or would i create the different setups of platform/enemy/obstacle and group them and have those come in to view at random...?

    With this concept i have no idea where to begin, so any advice or tutorials you might know of would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Welcome to C2, I'd highly recommend you to read the fabulous Manual. It's very well written and easy to follow.

    And make sure to check C2's examples folder. They are great to begin with.

    Things you might need are Platform Behaviour, Families and Tom's Flappy Tutorial. It might give you some ideas about basic platformer, fake-scrolling and random spawning.

    My idea is that you Make a Family of different platforms and another Family of obstacles/enemies

    You can then spawn Platform Family at a 'predefined' random of X and Y. Says like high enough to run through but low enough to jump/double-jump to... mostly to avoid situations that you can not win.

    Then spawn Obstacles/Enemies on top of Platforms. You can either Create Enemy at a predefined random of X and Y=Platform.Y-(Platform.Height+Enemy.Height)/2. Or you can spawn them at mid-air and have them dropped onto the platform. Or some other ways.

    You can make special platforms that boost/slow speed or reverse gravity,etc. I dont know :)

    Have Fun!

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  • Hi trquangss,

    Thanks so much for the detailed response. I really appreciate it!

    I will check out the manual and the examples folder and read through the tutorial.

    Sounds good, I like the idea of having the obstacles/enemies spawn on top of the platforms like you said in the first bit. i will try this out once i get familiar with the tutorial/manual.

    The boost/slow thing is interesting i like that

    Thanks again.

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