How test my admob ads? [solved]

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  • Good afternoon my fellow developers.

    I am trying to set up some ads in my game, but every time I try to test them through the C2 local host I get nothing.

    At the moment I am using the Admob plugin. Is it possible for me to test this ads using the local host environment or the debug panel? Or should I export my to some other format to check if it is working as I want?

    Also, I am planning on releasing this game initially as a html5 web browser game only, can Admob display ads in this platform or do I need to look for some other plugin?

    Thank you all for the attention ♥


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  • Are you using C3 Mobile Advert?

    If yes..

    First lines of the manual:

    The Mobile Advert plugin allows a game to use Admob Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded Video adverts on Android and iOS. This plugin does not provide advert services for HTML, Arcade, Desktop or Windows UWP exports.

    Adverts can only be shown in Android or iOS apps. Adverts will not show in local preview, remote preview, or with any export option other than Android or iOS.

    You have to export it and try on a device or emulator.

  • For iOS you need to export it as an iOS (xcode) file and test it on your phone. Rememeber to use iOS test ads or your app might crash/won't load properly.

  • Klabundee, I am using C2. But alright then, I will test admob on android then. Thanks for the help.

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