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  • Hello, how does those conditions works ? I need to check if there is an instance under mouse position, and i thought of making condition "pick overlapping point". I did it, but i have no idea how to check if such instance exist. I need to perform an action ONLY IF there is no instance found under given position.

    Another question: if i pick some instances with systems condition, how can i determine which particular instance I am using in actions ? Lets say I have action "set text to instance.variable" - if i pick more then 1 instance - how does it work in such situation ?

  • Your first problem:

    Mouse-> Cursor is over object


    As far as I know it always picks the last created instance. It's always good to be precise when picking objects.

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  • THANKS MAN !!! Mouse coursor over object is perfectly fine for this purpose

    By the way documentation says something different of picking instances with mentioned condition:

    "Pick overlapping point

    Pick all instances of a given object type that are overlapping a point in the layout. The given X and Y position in the layout will be tested against the instance's collision polygons."

  • yes, it picks all instances. But when you try to get an instance variable, it uses the object with the highest UID.

  • Here is a quick example capx that might help...

    (There are, no doubt, other ways to do this)

  • RamPackWobble I wanted that but I could not figured it out. Thanks a million you are gr8 thanks again

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