How do I suddenly stop after jump aka Deceleration problem

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  • First off, I have a charged jump forward mechanic where the length and height of the jump is determined by how long a button is held. My issue is at the end of these jumps. I want to completely avoid sliding of the player object after it jumped and has landed back on the floor, so I crank up the deceleration. Thing is, this now has the knock on effect where the 100% charged jump now only covers as much ground in length as the 50% charged jump, due to the 100% jump going higher and thus deceleration having more of an impact on its movement forward. So, how can I work around this? Is there another way I can stop sliding without resorting to deceleration? Thanks

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  • Could you just set the player speed to 0 on landing?

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    Why do I always go about things in the most complicated way? I had set up this really long winded way to deal with it but was having issues with it. Thank you, that did the trick.

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