Sub Events not working as expected

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  • I setup a Menu Button that when clicked, it should toggle the menu layer Visible/Invisible. I thought it would be a relatively simple block, but apparently I've done something wrong.

    Menu Button - On Clicked

    ~[Sub] System - Layer 1 is not Visible > System - Set Layer 1 to Visible

    ~[Sub] System - Layer 1 is Visible > System - Set Layer 1 to Invisible

    What's going wrong? When I click it, it will turn the Menu layer on, but then it won't turn off. The only possibility I can think of, is that the Button itself doesn't persist between layers, even though it appears to and can apparently be clicked. :/

    Any solutions would be appreciate.

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  • Events are read in sequence so in your Events, it sets Layer 1 to Visible, which instantly makes the very next Event valid so it sets it back again.

    Either use a variable as a toggle or just use 'Else.

  • Ah, thanks for that! The Else option worked wonderfully.

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