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  • Hey guys, I'm currently trying to make an RPG/Roguelike game and I'm stuck on some stuff and I wonder if I could make some other things simpler.

    I'll post my problems here for now but would be lovely if someone who's more knowledgable than me could give me their skype / steam so I could shoot them some questions once in a while!


    I basically want to make each separate enemy turn towards the player, the events above only make it so the enemies turn if the player is behind ALL enemies so is there a way to do it for each separate enemy object easily?


    I can't figure out how to get pathfinding to work, the events above make the goblin walk in a really weird pattern.

    Is there a more simple/efficient way to make the goblin walk towards the player while avoiding solid objects?

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  • 1. Yes, use the system, for each action. So: ... amily.capx

    2. Try reducing the cell size parameter for the path-finding behaviour.

  • Thanks a lot!

    The first one works great but I tried playing around with cell size and nothing seemed to work.

    Mind PM'ing me your skype or steam so I could ask you some stuff on the go?

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