How do I stop construct resize object?

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  • Hi i'm back agian with another stupid question

    I have design background menu so it will fit perfectly with my layout(im using the layout form HD 720 portrait template) but when i drag inside my project, the picture auto resize in to half!

    I try to resize it, but it make the picture broken

    Is there anyway to fix this?

    Tell if a screenshot is needed

    P/s sr for my bad English. English is not my mother language tho.

  • Screenshots might be needed.

    Anyway, if you are using the Sprite object, resize is automatic, and in that case you can either click the "Make 1:1" button in the properties bar to make it so that the Sprite resizes to the exact same size as the imported texture within it.

    If it doesn't make your image bigger, then likely the original picture is not having the appropriate size.

    If this doesn't help, consider indeed posting screenshot of your issue and giving as much details as possible.

  • I suppose this happens to you in the layout editor.

    Could it be that the object is 'BIG' and on top in the Z-order ?

    Could it be that you have snap on grid enabled?

    Then you have problems selecting the other objects, and when you drag it snaps to the grid.

    This is a wild guess, not the case, plz upload a capx.

    If thats the case: Change the Z-order, so that object goes to the background of the layer. Or bring it to its own layer an lock that layer.

  • I have check every thing you guys told me but it still not work

    Here is my menu background(a layer under the button layer, but i'm still not add the button layer yet). The size of it 720 x 1080 . So do with the Window size in C2

    And here is the screenshot. Hopefully its not a bug.

  • up help me plz

  • Here you its fixed for you I used your image

    After you download and run it tell me if you need anything else.

  • Knayter let me know if there is more issue's.

  • PixelPower Tks i don't have anymore issue so far!

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  • PixelPower Tks i don't have anymore issue so far!

    No problem I look forward to your games.

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