How do I stop my animation?

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  • My Hero runs on a path into a bush trying to kill the enemy. When the game starts he moves immediately forward. I want him to wait for the player to start the game and he must be able to stop at any point to checkout before moving on. I am utilizing the FREE edition.

  • I'm not sure about your problem

    Animation, Pathfinding, Enemy AI, ...

    so if it's animation:

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  • You could put the enemy movement into a group and deactivate the group in the project. Then have it activated ice the player clicks start. It's worth splitting your code into sections so you're not constantly checking things that don't need to be checked. Like menu clicks in game, or game logic in menus

  • fm4fanAT thanks for the link, I learned much from that. Got my animation to move the way I want. Now I want my animation to shoot any direction say 0 - 180 degrees. I manage to have my animation shoot 360 degrees when the game starts and it stand still, but when it starts moving and I utilize my down key (D 90 degrees) it swings to 180 degrees and the bullet comes from the middle of the animation in the wrong direction, not from the point of the gun.

    russellit Thanks for the input. I am a "Newby" and do not know anything about grouping. Perhaps send me a link to learn how to utilize it.

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