Where do i start (map based game similar to Lost Patrol)

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  • Hey everyone,

    i want to make a game, similar to Lost Patrol (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy5bOEF14WM). Not that complex, since its my first try at making a game ever. Basically a map based game, with the player controlled by a compass rose and with random good or bads events happening, maybe some evil AI Monster hunting you across the map.

    Where do i even start? Is there a template i could use for a good foundation? I found a lot of platformers and all, but no map based games (maybe i just need a proper naming for that kind of genre?)

    I'd be glad for any kind of help, since i already feel a bit in over my head with making games. :/

    Thanks and best regards


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  • I would start with something simpler like a top down shooter.

    But if you are set on doing a map game:

    You need to know how to use:

    global and local variables

    Control flow (Events/subevents, else, and toggle invert)

    How to use tiles sheets and tiledbackground.

    System commands (pick all, for each)

    After you have watched a couple tutorials on those topics you'really ready to start.

    Character movement will be something like

    on move event if character instance variable1 is greater than zero >

    move character x pixels then subtract 1 from variable1

    Else > out of moves

    Subtract more if over rough terrain.

    Character health and other statistics will probably be local variables as well.

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