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  • I'm making this simple Trivia quiz for mobile platform, so i'm using SpriteFont, since it's less cpu intensive than normal Text plugin, but text for some reason keeps disappearing, unless i change height of the Sprite font object to the some abnormaly big value. Right now text is normaly showing at height 80, but when i add event sheet to the layout i have to increase height to 200 in order for text to be shown. Text is in one line, so i don't know why is requiring this big Height value.

    Here is capx:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1uexsxc88po2 ... .capx?dl=0

  • Careful. You are using SpriteFont+, not the official SpriteFont plugin. SF+ has not been maintained in several years.

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  • Same thing is happening even with the official spritefont plugin

    EDIT: Same thing i happening also with official Text plugin

  • I have figured out where's the problem!

    Problem was with my text file, from which i was loading data,

    When i place all my data in one line there is no problem



    2;Bart;Samurai Jack;Batman;Yogi;Batman;

    But when i place data in multiple lines there is a problem








    Samurai Jack;




    You may think why? When i'm using tokenat to get data, tokenat is loading new line with the data, so that's why text area is requiring higher height than it needs.

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