Sprite size efficiency

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  • Hi,

    this might be a bit of a noobish question, but I was wondering if it is more efficient to use one big sprite and just scale that one down when you need a smaller variant, or if it's better to use a set of (the same) sprites with different sizes.

    Context: I'm creating a racing game where I'm using rocks (among other things) as obstacles. They're just simple sprites with a solid behavior and when the player hits them it damages the car. I'm going to use these rocks in different sizes throughout the game and level, but want to keep the game running as efficiently as possible. Therefor I'm not sure if I should use one big .PNG as a sprite and scale that one down, which would mean less sprites for the player to download. But maybe this also means that the game is heavier to run for the player as there could be lots of high res pictures on screen at the same time.

    Anyone knows how this works in construct?

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  • What's the biggest size you need?

    Use that.

  • Even if the biggest size I need is for example 1024x1024 and I usually only need a 64x64?

  • You'll have to figure out the nearest size you can upscale to. 1024 is not really a reasonable size for just a rock imo.

  • You're right, it was an exaggeration to help make my question more clear.

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