How do I make sprite run right on load?

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  • When the game starts, I want the sprite to be already running to the right.

    The weird thing is that this was working just fine until I changed the sprite animation's origin points from the center (default) to the bottom center for a smoother scrollto effect. I didn't change anything else, and now the sprite plays the running animation while standing in one place until I hit "jump" once, then it takes off. Any suggestions on how to get it to run right away?

  • Check your collision-polygon..

    Your sprite might be stuck due to overlap..

    If that isn't it, sharing your capx would make answering your question a lot easier..

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  • LittleStain That must have been the problem, though before I changed the origin point the original collision polygon was ok! Anyway, I moved the lower edge of the polygon up a goodish bit in the first frame of the "run" animation and now it seems to work. Thanks much for the help!

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