How to make a sprite rotating?

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  • Hello!

    Sorry, but I'm a complete beginner! and I would really like to make a circle (Sprite) spinning around and around.

    and I also created a little bit cut on the circle, as it is spinning, If an object goes in and goes out again, it can create a throw effect.

    That's all!

    Thank you very much everyone

  • You can use the "Rotate" behavior to create the spin effect. Use the collision polygon to shape the groove for the mechanics in the circle. After that you'd have to figure out the particulars for the effects with other behaviors like using the pin behavior to hold the object that goes and one of the movement behaviors to control how it gets thrown back out. You're really going to have to experiment.

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  • You try something as simple as:

    Every Tick: object angle = object angle + 1

    Test it out and see if you want it faster or slower and adjust the number.

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