How can I speed up a video?

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  • Hi guys, I'm currently using the free version (barely got started) and my program uses a constantly playing video, but I would like it to play faster on collision between two sprites. My event goes "Sprite>on collision with Other Sprite>Video", but then I can pause the video, loop it, mute it but not change its speed? There's nothing of the sort in the Behaviors menu either.

    If it's exclusive to the paid version, please tell me.

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  • HI,

    no it's not exclusive ! you just cant without "biaisé" (french word)

    So the method i find is to create a thing like

    every 0.01 seconds; set videoplaybacktime to "videoplaybacktime+0.5"

    I dont know if you understand but you need to play with the "every x second" and the amount of add to videoplaybacktime"

    have a nice day

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