How do I speed up animations?

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  • So I have created an options screen and when you put the cursor over it, it goes up and grows larger. (there are 9 frames)

    When I play the animation, it's really slow and you can see it moving frame by frame.

    Is this because there is not enough frames?

    Also,how do I make the animation start when I hoover over it?

    And how do I make the animation stop when the cursor is NOT over the sprite?

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  • double click the sprite in the editor, when open in the animations list window, click the desired animation (probably default) then in the left side of the construct editor, in the properties pane, should be an animation speed option. You can adjust this number.

    You can right click the animation name and select preview to preview it in the editor.

  • Thank you!

    Now the animation is playing just fine.

  • To make the animation start when you hover over it try this

    Condition:--> Mouse-->Cursor is over object -->

    Action:--> set animation(select object and animation + play from beginning)

    To Stop the Animation create a new condition and "Invert" it

    Condition:--> Mouse--> Cursor is over object (invert this so its the opposite) -->

    Action:--> Select object -->Stop animation

    Hope that helps

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