How do I use speech recognission correctly

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  • Hi,

    currently i am testing all user media elements.

    Ive managed to stream pictures to a server and display them on other devices, pretty straigth forward. i tryed the same with audio, but as i see it there is no way to do it with the current tools. so i thought at least the microphone would be usefull to automatically start speech recognition.

    so i measure the rms and when rms>-20 i would like to start the recognition.

    but what i experienced was that the browser asks EVERY TIME the recvognition starts for permission. is there a way to only once ask for permission and then just start / stop recognition? that would be an important feature. it makes litterally no sence to request it for every sentence

    kind regards


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  • I think ifyou run it from https it only asks once.

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