How do I spawn a tiled background relative to another one?

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  • In the autorunner template, where the green blocks the player jumps on spawn randomly off-screen. How would i pin (or attach automatically) another tiled background i made from a different block onto the default green one (preferrably on top of it) with all other things ceteris paribus (the green tile depending on other variables [ i guess one could make a shared trigger and do 2 things at the same time, but it feels like it could go wrong)? I tried to fiddle with those things, but my tiled background spawned on tiles which were allready on screen, and secondly, i couldnt make my backgrounds destroy themselves since i didnt have the compare option that the green ones had. :S

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  • well.. i managed to figure something out after several hours. finding how to set a condition was hell. very unintuitive. especially with the big shining "add action" button next to it. anyways,

    this is the code from the autorunner template, the only difference being any line where you see a black block. now, what i have done serves my purpose to an extent, but i feel like you guys know a non-retarded way to make this happen

    oh yea, almost forgot the screenshots :

    ...which got removed... hurr durr..

    .. but i know a haxx... ill give you the link seperated, like when facebook banned the domain my webpage was on

    http:/ /

    yea.. derp...

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