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  • Hi All,

    I'm new to this so I thought I would take the Space Blaster demo project and try exporting it to Android using C2 + XDK. While I was successful in doing so, following instructions on this site, the resulting app runs pretty choppy with a frame rate in the 9-10 fps neighborhood. Since I'm using the free version of C2 I exported Space Blaster as a web page and imported it in XDK then built it using the Crosswalk for Android option. When I install it on my Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Pro 8.4 it is choppy. Could the problem be that I'm using the free version of C2 and exporting as an HTML5 webpage then importing into XDK? Any hints as to what I should be doing that might improve the performance?



  • You need a licensed version in order to export in the correct way.

    No one (I would hope) is going to tell you how to bypass the free version restrictions.

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  • last time I heard of someone testing this approach, there were differences between the android and regular html5 export, resuting in this particular result in crosswalk, to try out how it performs performances wise, you can test it in chrome for android as the result should be similar as the exported to crosswalk version.

  • The main problem with older Android devices is they have buggy graphics drivers that crash the system, so browsers have to turn off GPU accelerated rendering to avoid crashing. Then you end up with a slower software renderer. It's more of an Android problem than with C2 or Crosswalk, because the drivers need to be fixed... you can force it to use GPU rendering, but then you risk crashing the system (to the extent you have to pull the battery out and reinsert it for it to work - then think about people with phones with a sealed-in battery...!)

    Newer devices should be fine.

  • Hi All,

    thanks for the replies however I am not yet convinced of the performance. Has anyone published a space shooter using Construct 2 + Xdk similar to Space Blaster that I can install (paid is fine) and demonstrate the performance? I agree with Zenox98's position however I want to be confident that something like Space Blaster will translate to a game with good performance before I invest in HTML5 development. I just heard about this from an Intel guy last week while at GDC Next which is why I'm investigating this now.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Ashley - how do I force GPU rendering to be on?

  • Oh, and by the way, I'm using your tutorial on Android publishing to prove out performance:

    www dot scirra dot com/tutorials/1156/publishing-to-android-via-intelxdk-and-appsigner

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