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  • Hi. I've got background music, and a couple of sound effects in my game.

    SFX imported as Sounds. Music imported as Music.

    When each sound is triggered, it seems to be echoing. Instead of a nice little "ding" for a correct answer, it rings like a phone. And instead of a soft "boing" for an incorrect answer, it reverberates like a slinky dying a tragic death.

    I've tried preloading and I've tried moving the actions/events around. Nothing fixes it.

    And the background music plays just fine.

    Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!


  • You are probably playing the sound every tick. Make sure the conditions only let it play once.

  • Hey thanks for the reply.

    It's only echoing for a few extra seconds, almost like the sound is being played 10 times instead of once. Definitely not every tick. I have two functions being called: "Valid" and "Invalid", with either the boing or the chime sounds playing depending on which function is called. I have tried placing the sound actions inside the functions themselves and it does the exact same thing.

    The strange thing is when the audio files are moved from Sounds folder to Music folder they play perfectly, aside from a delay (which I can't have either).

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  • The Trigger once condition usually solves repeating sound issues. Of it is not that, a simplified capx of the problem would help to diagnose the issue.

  • Trigger once did the trick. Thanks so much!

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