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  • Be gentle it's my first time...

    Ok so I have finished the beginner's guide and figured I'd take it a step further and add sounds. First I downloaded an effect (pistol shot with casing hitting the ground) from a royalty free site. It was an Mp3 so I converted it first to OGG and M4a at first then added them to the project, but since it was my first time and the import window recommended 16 bit PCM WAV I figured I'd remove them, convert it to WAV then add that to the project (didn't know it would end up being the same until I did it). I then added the sound effect to the mouse click event to play whenever a bullet is fired but when I tried it out it worked fine unless I fired too fast.

    What would happen is that the sound would then become distorted and somewhat muted. I changed it out with the "New Achievement 1" sound (picked that one because the duration is approximately twice as long) from the free bundle on this site and tried it out and it worked fine.

    I can't figure out what the problem may be. I'm not overly concerned because it is just the beginner's guide however if I am already having this problem I'm sure it will likely occur in future projects.

    The sound itself I got here:

    everything seems fine the WAV file was PCM - stereo - 16-bit - 44100 Hz (like the "New Achievement 1" sound) and about 1.2 seconds long.

    I tried changing the encoding quality which did nothing to fix it. My only guess now is that converting it from Mp3 may have something to do with it but I am at a loss...

    Sorry for the long post but I wanted to try to make it as clear as I could to avoid having to add information that could have been included in the original post.

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  • Everything is fine with the file...

    ..when you click very fast..sounds overlap each other and then become distorted and somewhat muted...

    try this...

  • I can understand that, I'm just more confused as to why it doesn't happen when I changed the sound to one that runs longer, therefore more overlaps, yet there is no distortion.

    Thanks for the reply

    Also I can't open the provided file, it says that it came from a newer version of Construct2 but I can't update mine because it says that the updates are handled by steam and I can't seem to find anywhere where I can check/download updates manually

  • Got the very same problem here. Some short sounds just sound weird when played in my game. Only happens to VERY SHORT sounds, like button click sounds.

    In my case, they only get distorted when playing in the phone (Windows Phone, Lumia 1020), but play normally when I preview in browser. The weird thing is the sounds play normal when I upload them to the phone itself and play them as audio file.

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