[SOLVED]How do I apply 8 directions in sprite?

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  • Okay so my game plan is to set 8 directions to my sprite/character on my MOBILE GAME. My problem here is I already set it to 8 directions but my character doesn't go the way I wanted it or shall I say my touch controls won't make it the way I wanted it to be. This is so easy when I tried to use mouse & keyboard as an input but i'm making a mobile game. Please help! Thank you.

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  • What help do you need? You don't really say what the problem is.

    Try posting a .capx or at least some screenshots with a clearer explanation of what your problem is.

  • You need to create control sprites that, when touched, move your character. Use Simulate Control.

  • Okay here some screenshots. Please read the file comment of the pictures

    So yeah, i'm making a mobile game. This is similar to an existing game already I just edited a bit of it and experimenting to make it possible in mobile.

    So my problem is that I want my character to rotate 360 degrees since its in 8 directions but my control is for four directions only So hard to explain)

    My another problem is you can see on the screenshots the touch controls I used. But since my character goes around looking for enemies to shoot. My touch controls follow the background. I wanted it to STAY on the bottom. You can see that on the screenshot with the arrows. It should stay there. But it goes up when I go down

    So yeah I NEED HELP on this. Thank you.

  • Fix controls in a separate layer with Anchor

  • Oh okay an anchor. Thank you very much.

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