[Solved] Trouble attaching an animation.

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    I have a rocket tied to a rock. The rocket overcomes the rock and flies. The rocket wobbles left and right, that's fine, but the animation of the rocket's firing off does not wobble with the rocket.


    There wouldn't happen to be a 'SetPositionToAnotherObjectAndMatchAngle' option that I haven't found would there?


  • Just add to the same event:

    Set Angle to DifferentObject.Angle

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    I don't see that as an option.

    Maybe this option does not apply to sprites?

    or... are you saying I can add it to the existing event like 'do this, and this too?'

    I'm a little confused.


    I don't know why the image isn't working.

  • Yes add another action to that event. One for Set Position, the second would be Set Angle. The angle you want to set it to is Rocket.Angle.

  • Add action->select Rockets_image->Under the category 'Angle', which should be at the top, choose 'Set Angle'

    This should open up a dialogue box and you can enter 'The_Rocket.Angle'

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    Oh my.

    It works now, excellent, thanks.

    I didn't know you could add things like 'The_Rocket.Angle'

    This makes things a lot more flexible... and complicated.


    Now I've got the rockets 'force' pushing in alignment with the rocket rather than just pushing up. (target.angle+270)

    This is awesome thanks!

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