solved: How do I spawn in multiple directions from object

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  • hi all. v new here and have spent the last hours reading the manuals etc. I have a simple request which I thought would be very easy to solve. basically I have a ball which bounces, when it gets hit is splits into small balls, each ball heading off in a different direction,

    so in pseudo, something like this.

    on bullet collision with ball

    for I=0 to 3

    spawn new ball,

    set angle =loopindex*90 (so this is basically, up right, down and left)


    I can get the 4 balls, but I cant make them head off in different directions, they always seem to head off relative to the parent ball.

    The particle system does what I want but I cant "bind" new objects to the particles and make them active.


  • fixed it! had to do the following :

    on object, set angle=no

    then in the event sheet

    set the bullet angle of motion to loopindex*multiplier


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  • That's way to learn✴

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